Jeremy Renner For 'The Bourne Legacy'?

Tony Gilroy has been working on securing a lead for the film and possible franchise that he and Universal are spinning off from the Bourne films. This isn't a reboot, remember, put a sort of parallel set of stories that will mostly stand on their own but also shed some light on the existing Bourne movies.

We've heard about possible actors to lead the new film, and now an offer is reportedly going out to Jeremy Renner. Will he be the new Bourne... er, Bourne-like guy?

Latino Review says that Tony Gilroy really wanted Oscar Isaac from Sucker Punch, but Universal wanted someone else. Latino Review says it will go into details about why that didn't work out later. (I'd suspect it has something to do with his multi-cultural heritage and the fact that he's not seen as enough of a draw.)

Jeremy Renner, meanwhile, is becoming precisely the sort of guy people turn to for a smart, vaguely reality-based character like what I imagine Tony Gilroy has crafted to lead this new film.

(Joel Edgarton, Dominic Cooper, Luke Evans, Garrett Hedlund, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire and more have reportedly been approached or have tested. Joel Edgarton might have been a great choice.)

But the actor has taken that call from a couple other high-profile films recently. Will he want to be locked into three potential franchises, with The Avengers and Mission: Impossible being the others? Seems unlikely, but not impossible. We'll likely hear more next week, so stay tuned.