Hollywood Picks Up Two Sci-Fi Pitches After 'Battle: Los Angeles' Wins Weekend

It's hard to believe this is some kind of coincidence. On the same weekend a sci-fi invasion film, Battle: Los Angeles, is number one at the box office making a solid $36 million, two major studios pick up major science fiction pitches. Sony has purchased a movie called Agent OX, produced by Battle: LA producer Neil Moritz, which is about a human spy on an alien planet and 20th Century Fox has purchased an untitled sci-fi adventure with McG attached as a producer with an eye on directing. I'd like this think this is some kind of coincidence, just two random acts of chance, but we know better. Hollywood is once again piggybacking off of proven success. Is there a bright side? Read more about both potential films after the jump.

First up, Variety is reporting that Sony bought Agent OX, which will be produced by Neil Moritz and written by Daniel Kunka (12 Rounds). The script follows "a human spy living on an alien planet who must stop an invasion of Earth."

Next, Deadline reports that 20th Century Fox has picked up an untitled "large-scale science fiction adventure film" written by David Callaham (Doom, The Expendables) and produced by McG, who is also interested in directing. There is no word on the plot.

We can all agree it looks really bad and lazy that basically hours after Battle: Los Angeles (which isn't even a very good movie, by the way) was branded a hit, two studios buy pitches in the same genre. It wreaks of desperation and playing catch up. Of course, this brand of copycatting happens almost everyday in almost every business, but in a creative medium, it really doesn't look good.

However, there is silver lining. Neither of these ideas seem to be based on source material. Much like Battle: Los Angeles, they're original ideas for sci-fi action movies. (Battle LA isn't exactly "original," but technically it is). I'd much rather see people come up with original ideas that are influenced by popular culture than carbon copies of material that's already out in the world.

Do you think either of these flicks with fly?