VOTD: Old School Film And Video Company Logos From The '70s And '80s

When you popped a VHS into your VCR in previous decades, chances are you saw a colorful, animated logo before the feature. At the time, these logos seemed as normal as the act of hitting the Rewind button after the movie. They were just matter of fact. As tends to be the case with almost anything, though, time puts a unique filter on these kind of things. YouTube user RobatSea2009 has gone ahead and created several montages of all of these logos and watching for just a few seconds makes it painfully clear that what seemed forgettable 20 years ago now looks overly designed, incredibly cheesy but insanely nostalgic. Check out the first three montages after the jump.

Thanks to Super Punch for the heads up on these logo montages.

Just a word of advice. These videos, while eye-opening, are not edited with any sense of pacing so I suggest clicking play, letting the video load, and then zipping through with your mouse like it was a slide show. You'll find them much more enjoyable that way. Here are the first three. You can link to the rest below.

YouTube user RobatSea2009 has created eight of these videos, which you can find via that link or just clicking over to the videos on YouTube and searching the related videos on the right. You can see more of his work over on this blog as well. Were any of your favorite old logos missed? Personally, I was pulling for Screen Gems and Dic.

After watching these, my immediate reaction was, where did this guy get enough of these logos to make eight separate videos? Did he buy a bunch of old VHS tapes from a closing video store or possibly used to run a video store? Either way, it's an impressive collection of logos that will now be commemorated forever on YouTube.