More Hi-Res Photos From 'Captain America: The First Avenger'

The internet is still buzzing after seeing our first glimpse of actual footage from Captain America: The First Avenger during the Super Bowl on Sunday and as we now anxiously await a full trailer, more high resolution photos have surfaced. These are from the recent issue of Empire, which we posted a glimpse of last week. We've already seen a few of these images, such as the first look at Captain America's sidekick Bucky and the Red Skull with the Cosmic Cube, but there are tons of new photos including Tommy Lee Jones, Natalie Dormer, Hayley Atwell and the full, up close and personal version of the suit, which you can see a sliver of above. Check them all out after the jump.

Thanks to Bleeding Cool for the heads up on these images.

I think the crown jewel of these images is the full on, close up shot of the suit, with all the little details. It looks pretty great and very functional compared to most superhero suits (I really want to know what he puts in all of those pouches on his belt, any ideas?). And the costume design/look of the other characters is pretty spot on as well.

Are you still sold on the look of the film? Can you find any Easter Eggs or references in the Cap suit?