'Black Swan' Co-Writer Mark Heyman Set To Script 'Age Of Rage' For Director Marc Webb

(500) Days of Summer director Marc Webb is currently shooting Spider-Man, and will likely be busy with Sony's web-swinger reboot for some time. But prior to landing that gig he'd been developing the film Age of Rage. Now there's a new screenwriter on the project to get things moving forward while Spider-Man is being born: Black Swan co-writer Mark Heyman is going to script.THR notes that Mr. Heyman came up as an assistant to Darren Aronofsky, eventually doing more work with the director's company Protozoa Pictures, and now he's branching out a bit. He's writing Machine Man for Mr. Aronofsky, but now will also work on Age of Rage.

Previously we'd heard this one rather tersely compared to a sort of 'Children of Men meets Lord of the Flies.' But that was in 2008, when Children of Men was being used as a touchstone for just about any mature dystopian idea that flew through Hollywood, and little info was available for this project. We're several years on and there's more info out on the project, so surely we can do better than that.

Indeed, the film "is set in a post-apocalyptic society where all the adults have died and a group of teens sets about trying to establish a new society."

Oh, so it really sounds like a wide-scale, future Lord of the Flies. And if part of all the adults dying means that there is also a problem with reproduction, then there's some Children of Men in there, too. Got it.

THR notes that this isn't locked as Mr. Webb's post-Spidey picture, but also reminds that it is based on his own idea, so it might have a better chance than some other prospects.