Concept Art And Cast For Darren Lynn Bousman's '11-11-11'

In the last two weeks, everyone was talk about the number one. We had 1-1-11 and then 1-11-11 but really, it's all about 11-11-11. That's when the unique repetition of the number 1 reaches its full potential and the director of Saw II-IV, Repo! The Genetic Opera and Mother's Day is capitalizing. Darren Lynn Bousman is currently in Barcelona, Spain getting ready to shoot his upcoming horror thriller 11-11-11 and he's just announced a cast full of relative unknowns, plus some moody concept art, intended to amp up the scares. Read who is in the film, see some of the art and refresh yourself with a plot description after the break.

According to a previous post, the plot of 11-11-11 is as follows:

After the tragic death of his wife and child, famed American author Joseph Crone travels from the United States to Barcelona, Spain to reunite with his estranged brother Samuel and dying father, Richard. However, fate has a different plan for Joseph as his life becomes plagued with strange happenings, and the constant sightings of the number 11. Curiosity quickly turns to obsession, and Joseph soon realizes that this number holds a horrific meaning not only to himself but possibly to all of religion. Isolated in a foreign country with only the support of his companion, Sadie, Joseph soon realizes that 11/11/11 is more than just a date, it's a WARNING!

And the actors who'll populate that story are Timothy Gibbs, Michael Landes, Wendy Glenn, Lluis Soler, Ángela Rosal, Brendan Price, Salomé Jimenez, Benjamin Cook, and Montse Alcoverro. Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for the heads up.

Finally, to give you an idea of what the film might look like, Twitchfilm got their hands on a bunch of concept art. We've grabbed three of the images below, but head over to Twitch to see the rest of this beautiful, creepy stuff.If you're looking for more information on 11-11-11, Bousman maintains a very extensive blog during production which you can check out here.What are your expectations for this film? Are you fans of this cast?