Cool Stuff: The Edgar Wright Poster Collection By Lloyd Stas

In the past, if you wanted to make some art based on your favorite filmmaker, you'd have to make the art, print it out, find the filmmaker's representative's address, go to the post office, and ship it. Then, you'd hope and pray to get some kind of acknowledgment. Today, though, things are so much easier. Just put some art online and the person it's about is bound to find it themselves.

That's the case with artist/musician Lloyd Stas. He created a beautiful set of posters based on the work of Edgar Wright and simply put them online. "I posted them up onto Flickr and woke up the next day to find that Edgar has posted them up on his twitter and his blog," Stas said in an exclusive email interview. "I hadn't told him about them and he was one of the first to find them. I was just hoping that he might see the posters, but the fact that he posted them on his blog and said such nice things about them was too awesome and very flattering." Now, we can show them to you. Check then out after the jump and read what Stas had to say about the series, Wright's work and more.

Here's what Stas had to say about why he chose Edgar Wright's films as his inspiration.

I've always been a massive fan of Edgar Wright's ever since seeing spaced on TV when I was younger. I was looking to undertake project that I could really get into; based on something that I loved. I chose Edgar Wright as he's always been a big influence on me, I'm a fan of every one of his projects so I could really get my teeth into each poster. His directing style is very stylistic and unique so I wanted to try and recapture some of that in the poster designs.

And, so here they are.

My first thought after look at those is, I want to buy them. Well, we might be able to in the future. Here's what Stas had to say.

I would absolutely love to make up some screenprints of these and so many people have been asking about them. I am however quite new to the whole process and don't want to end up getting sued by the publishers. I'll definitely look into this so fingers crossed I might have some available in the near future!

Personally, my favorite thing in all of these posters are the the silhouettes in the Spaced house. But that's not Stas or Wright's favorite thing.

'Don't' was the poster that I had most fun with. With it being a one minute long fake trailer, I was allowed more freedom as to how I approached it. The fact that Edgar said it was his favorite helps as well.

What's your favorite of the prints? What do you think of these?

Thanks to Lloyd Stas, whose official website is here, as well as Edgar Wright, whose blog is here. The posters are from Stas's Flickr.