Mila Kunis And Adam Scott In Talks For Seth McFarlane's 'Ted'

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is assembling the cast for his feature directorial debut Ted, about a man who, as a boy, wished that his teddy bear would come to life. 25 years later, he's still living with the now-belligerent bear. Mark Wahlberg is linked to the lead role and Mr. MacFarlane will voice the bear. Now Mila Kunis and Adam Scott are in talks to take two additional roles.

THR says that Mila Kunis will play the girlfriend of the main character, who wants their relationship to go to the next level, which requires losing the bear. In her frustration she looks for solace from her "cad of a boss," who would be played, quite ably I suspect, by Adam Scott.

Seth MacFarlane also wrote the film, which is planned as a very R-rated comedy. Not difficult to imagine his particular humor in that context, and it also doesn't take a big stretch of the imagination to see how Mila Kunis and Adam Scott would also work well with the subject and evolving ensemble.

Mark Wahlberg recently described the film, saying,

I don't know how much [Seth] wants me to tell but it's about this kid who gets a bear for Christmas. And, you know, it's the '70s — it's one of those Teddy Ruxpin-ish teddy bears where you squeeze it and it says, 'I love you!' The kid wishes and dreams that the bear would come alive — and a Christmas wish must be granted — and it does [come alive].
's voicing the bear — the bear is gonna look like a little teddy bear, but it's motion-capture. It's like 'Avatar.' It's never been done before. It's insane — I mean, what the bear does.... The bear becomes famous, and that's my ticket to getting things and living a life of privilege.

(End note:We've referred to the film as both Ted and Teddy Bear in the past, with Teddy Bear recently cropping up again. But Universal assures me the proper title is currently Ted.)