'Thor' Trailer Description And Impressions

It appears that Marvel has shipped the official movie trailer for Thor, and descriptions have started appearing online. I'm not a fan of reading trailer descriptions, as I'd rather just see the video for myself (and I have the patience to wait for it). That said, I have no problem reading impressions /Film reader Ed C sent us the following. Want to know if the trailer is just a rehash of the Comic-Con trailer or features completely new footage? Has Marvel fixed their horrible upconverted 3D shots? Here is what Ed sent us:

Hey, just a tidbit of info about when we'll see the Thor trailer. They've sent out the 2D & 3D trailers for digital prints this week. That said ,as a projectionist, they are not asking us to attach it to any films this weekend. My guess would be we'll see it on Tron. I've already screened it and essentially it's just a slimmed down version of the five minute Comic Con trailer. Not much new added at all. And sadly the 3D does not look very impressive. The picture doesn't show much in terms of depth and the motion on screen creates a blur which is very hard for your eyes to focus in on. Hopefully this is only because the film is months away from release, but I would say it's definitely one of the lower end 3D trailers I've seen of late.

But some of you might want to read a description, we have that for you... after the jump.

ComicBookMovie offers the following trailer description:

"The trailer has much of the footage from that leaked reel we saw floating around after SDCC with SHIELD Agent [Coulson] questioning the man who took apart his men as if they were second rate security guards with images of him doing the deed flashing about. "Where were you trained?" We flash to Asgard where Thor is getting a tongue lashing from his father Odin who calls him a boy and remarks that he has brought war to their peaceful land. Flash to a pack of bad ass looking Frost Giants on the march. Flash back and Loki attempts to lodge a protest to Thor's punishment but Dad won't hear it. The sentence is passed and we flash to Natalie Portman AKA Jane Foster showing concern and then to Thor, flat on his back, who says something like "Nooo...I'm on Earth, aren't I" with disdain in his voice. Idris Elba as Heimdall gets a fair amount of flash time as well, though it's nothing but him making faces and such. We also see a couple of Asgardian ladies, one of which being Jaimie Alexander as Sif. Some quick Frost Giant battle rounds out the excitement, some explosions go off and we see [Destroyer] is causing chaos in the middle of it all. So that's about it! You'll mainly want to see this in 3D and of course...FROST GIANT RAMPAGE!!"

The trailer should be online sometime tomorrow.