International Movie Trailer: 'The Green Hornet'

It's been a rough road for The Green Hornet — change-ups behind the scenes elevated and then deflated some early interest as Stephen Chow came and went. But hiring Michel Gondry to apply his particular brand of quirky, unpredictable storytelling to a pulp superhero movie seemed like a good move. And while there are some who have trouble accepting Seth Rogen as the title character, casting Jay Chou as his sidekick/enabler Kato seems to have been a good move.

Now there's a new international trailer for the film that really highlights Kato, and you can see it below.

Evidently made for Asian markets, this trailer really highlights Jay Chou's work as Kato. It makes him look like the film's real badass and prime motivator, and he does come across quite well. His effectiveness makes the film look a lot better than did some of the other trailers we've seen.

But there's still the January opening date (not a great sign) and post-converted 3D to deal with. The LA Times reports that a recent test screening went over extremely well, scoring high marks and an 83% 'definitely recommend' rating from the audience.

That led to a little bubble of sequel talks, as Sony chief Amy Pascal was heard talking about sequel possibilities. Put that aside for now, though, and let's get to January and see how the film actually plays.

The Green Hornet also features Cameron Diaz and Christoph Waltz, and opens January 14, 2011. [via The Playlist]