Movie Poster: The Hockey Comedy 'Goon'

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We just saw the first images from Goon, the hopeful inheritor of the legacy of classic hockey comedy Slap Shot. Seann William Scott probably isn't going to be the new Paul Newman, but the film has potential, thanks in part to the cast which includes Allison Pill, Eugene Levy and Liev Schreiber. Now there is a sales poster that was seen in the wild at the American Film Market and, unlike a great many sales posters, it's actually pretty good.

Twitch snapped a pic of the poster which has a pretty good tagline for a comedy about a small-time bouncer who is recruited to play an on-ice enforcer for a minor league hockey team: "Punch Destiny in the Face."

After all, Jay Baruchel, who co-wrote with Evan Goldberg and appears opposite Seann William Scott, has said the film is a hard-R sports comedy, like Happy Gilmore with a lot more fights.

He's also described Mr. Scott's character as follows:

Doug isn't about winning... Doug is about doing what you need to do in a given time and finding what you are good at and finding what you're meant to do. In some ways it's a fairly... anti-sports movie because there's no — well, I don't want to give too much away, but it doesn't have all the clichés that those movies usually have.

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