Cool Stuff: Tyler Stout's Big Lebowski And The Thing Handbills

/Film favorite Tyler Stout has released handbill sets for The Big Lebowski and The Thing, featuring art from his previously released (and sold out) limited edition posters. The Lebowski set includes three handbills for $30 (2 4"x5" prints and 1 4"x8" print, all three on cream colored paper). The Thing set includes fifteen smaller-sized handbills (14 4"x5" prints and 1 4"x8" print) for $35. Both sets are not signed, numbered or limited, but they're stamped on the back and initialed to prove authenticity. And hey, they're still some awesome pieces of screen-printed art from Stout nonetheless. Check out the designs after the jump, and head over to Stouts store to buy them now!