Two Best 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1' Featurettes Yet

We're just over two weeks away from the first half of the final Harry Potter movie ever and anticipation is reaching fever pitch. I know Peter has been rewatching all the previous films in anticipation of this momentous event and that theaters all over are already selling out. Now, just in time to feed your Potter appetite, we've got two of the best looks yet at Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Sure, we've posted other featurettes before, and those were cool, but the two new ones that just surfaced blow them away. One is about story, the other is about horcruxes and each basically takes the viewer on a four minute ride through the movieĀ  Beware though. Both clips shows snippets of scenes and characters we haven't seen yet so, suffice to say, if you haven't read the book, these featurettes are filled with SPOILERS. If you do know what is going to happen in the film though, they'll only get you more amped than you already are. Check them out after the jump.

This first featurette starts just like the last one, but trust me, it's different. And please, if you don't know the story of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, don't watch, this goes into depth on several different scenes. Thanks to MTV.

According to Emma Watson:

The audience will be like holding their breath like, 'Ahh, are they going to make it? Oh, okay we can breathe again.' It's going to be like that the whole way through.

I tend to agree with her, mostly because I felt like that during the featurette. And even though I've already read the book a few times, it's still going to be exciting to finally see it dramatized on the big screen.

Here's the second featurette on horcruxes.

Can you believe it's been a decade since the first frame of Chris Columbus' Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone showed the Privet Drive street sign that started a phenomenon? And in a few short months, the whole thing will be over. Enjoy it while you can.

Are you guys as excited for this film as I obviously am? Do you have your tickets yet? And do these featurettes sell the film any better than the previous ones?