George Clooney's 'Farragut North' Gets Funding And A New Title: 'The Ides Of March'

There's a whole bunch of news for George Clooney's fourth film as director. The Ides of March is a much more imposing title for the film formerly called Farragut North, which is based on a play with the same title. Along with the title change is news of new funding for the movie, as well as a confirmation of one actor's appearance and word that George Clooney will be in the film as well.

A press release from Exclusive Media Group and Cross Creek announces a deal for the companies to jointly fund the picture. The film will shoot in February 2011 in Michigan and Ohio, and there is also some cast confirmation.

When last we heard about the film, George Clooney reportedly wanted Ryan Gosling to play one of the primary roles. Shockingly, the actor agreed, and is now on board.

So here's the rundown: The Ides of March is based on Beau Williamson's play of the same name, which was born out of the playwright's experience on Howard Dean's 2004 campaign.

George Clooney, who adapted the play withe Grant Heslov, will play Governor Morris, who is running for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Ryan Gosling will be Stephen Meyers, his young campaign mastermind. Paul Giamatti a rival candidate's campaign leader. Marisa Tomei plays a New York Times reporter and Evan Rachel Wood an intern with whom Ryan Gosling's character has a liason. Philip Seymour Hoffman was previously said to be the campaign boss for Governor Morris, but he's not confirmed, and may not end up in the picture.

Here's some of the press release to get you amped up in the weeks before the film shoots. Expect to hear some more cast announcements soon. The film also does not have a distributor, and with this cast you'd expect someone to buy in well before the film gets to the festival circuit. Expect to see footage of this one late next summer, and it is virtually a lock for either Venice or Toronto 2011.

With sharp, quick-witted dialogue and set against the spectacle of modern world power and politics, The Ides of March is a intense tale of sex, ambition, loyalty, betrayal and revenge. The film follows a young press spokesman who falls prey to backroom politics, the treacherous manipulations of veteran operatives and the seduction of a young intern.