Movie Trailer: New 'Tron Legacy' Ad Shows Off Daft Punk And Reveals A New Soundtrack Tune

It's Tron Tuesday again, and one of the new promo items now available is pretty great: a new trailer for Tron Legacy that shows off the Daft Punk cameo in the film along with a beat-heavy new track called 'Derezzed.' Watch it after the break.

If you hit the Tron preview night this coming Thursday you can probably expect to see the scene that opens this trailer in full — it has Michael Sheen in his nightclub owner / MC persona requesting that a pair of robo-DJs, played by Daft Punk, play something to "electrify the boys and girls, if you'd be so kind." Much of what follows is footage that we've seen before, although there are a couple of new shots cut into the action.

The highlight is definitely 'Derezzed,' with a thumping key beat, a central melody that sounds exactly like what you'd imagine Daft Punk scoring Tron should sound like, and just enough glitchy little bits to keep it interesting. [NME]

Tron Legacy releases on December 17, with the soundtrack hitting stores on December 7.