Ryan Reynolds Will Likely Have To Decide Between Deadpool And R.I.P.D.

Ryan Reynolds has a huge slate of projects lined up, which has led to obvious questions about whether any one or the other might have to give way due to scheduling issues. His two big comic book-derived films are Deadpool, long in development, still without a director, tangentially related to X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and possibly a pretty crazy film.

And there's R.I.P.D., to be directed by Robert Schwentke, helmer of Red. But there's only so much time in the world, and it sounds like one of those films could well have to give way to the other.

io9 talked to Reynolds as he started to promote Buried, out in limited release this week. (NY and LA; everywhere on Oct 8.) He said that his next two films are The Change-Up (with Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde) and Safe House, with Denzel Washington.

After those are shot comes a time period when either Deadpool or the undead-cops film R.I.P.D. might go forward. And because of that schedule it's sounding like (no surprise) it'll be one or the other.

People sort of ask this question [which one will you make?], like I have any say in the matter. They're both movies I'm interested in, they're both movies that are in fast-track development. But I never say I'm doing a movie until I break for lunch the first day. Because it's such a crapshoot, this industry. Everything's so fickle and so contingent on so many factors, aside from just an actor. And because it has an actor, and because these films have interested directors, it's obviously likely that they'll both get made. But I think it would be more likely that only one of them gets made with me.

And what about a sequel to Green Lantern? Reynolds laughs that one off for now, joking "Oh, yeah, we got to get that cart well in front of the horse, I guess."

(I know it seems lately that every third item we run is about either Ryan Reynolds or a J.J. Abrams project, but that what the end of the summer is like. Promise it'll get more diverse soon as everyone gets back to work from their last vacation and film festival trips.)