Will Pixar Make 'Doctor Strange'? Probably Not, But It's A Fun Idea

Briefly: This one is pretty insubstantial, so I'm not going to ask too much of you. We know that Marvel is interested in making a film starring Doctor Strange, aka the 'sorcerer supreme' of the Marvel superhero universe. And we know that it'll be one of the first Disney / Marvel films.  But we don't know much more. Now comic artist Brendan McCarthy says that during a meeting at Disney earlier this year, "the conversation drifted around to Pixar animating a Doctor Strange movie... Now, wouldn't that be nice?"

Yeah, it would be nice, but probably not very realistic. Actually, Pixar making Doctor Strange might be fantastic, but I'd expect that more context about this conversation will reveal it to have been pipe dream stuff more than anything else. Unless this has been secretly in development (possible, if unlikely) then it would be years before the film could be released. Enjoy your visions of a Pixar animated Doctor Strange for now, but don't actually get any hopes up. [DigitalSpy]