Three Day LOST Marathon Announced

When Lost was coming to a conclusion, one of my friends felt left out (as he had never seen an episode of the series) and joked (half seriously) that he wanted to try to watch every episode over the period of a week in order to see the final episode when it aired live. I thought that was a ridiculous idea. Impossible. Especially if you have a full time job like producing 10-15 posts a day for a movie website. But I also thought it was a pretty cool idea. What would it be like to re-experience the entire story of Lost in a short period of time, in this instance — one week.

Well it appears that someone has taken this idea to the ultimate extreme.Leicester Square's Prince Charles Cinema has announced that they will screen the entire series of Lost, all 121 episodes, in a three day marathon.

They plan to begin the marathon at 10:00 am on September 13th 2010 and will keep it playing until the final fade out. They claim this will be three days, but the average episode runs 42 minutes. If they took absolutely no breaks what-so-ever, the marathon will run three and a half days. I would guestimate that it will take more than 4 days in total to screen every single show.

Apparently, the first 280 people who arrive will be eligible to take part in the marathon and fans are being encouraged to pre-register via

Prince Charles Cinema director Gregory Lynn says that paramedics will be on standby throughout the screenings and breaks will be permitted: "We're thrilled to host such an exciting event and look forward to keeping our cinema running all day and all night for as long as it takes!"

Would you participate in this marathon? I know if I wasn't going to be at the Toronto Film Festival, didn't have a job, and lived in LA — I'd try to do the whole thing. But may-be I'm crazy.

via: Sliceofscifi