Exclusive: RED Prequel Comic Covers Revealed

WildStorm/DC Comics has given us an exclusive look at the cover art to the four prequel comics for the upcoming big screen adaptation of RED. The art for all of the covers is done by RED co-creator Cully Hamner. All four hit comic shops on September 15th. Images and synopses for each one-shot comic can be found after the jump.

RED: MARVIN SPECIAL #1, written by Erich Hoeber with art by Diego Olmos.

Marvin Boggs is one of the C.I.A.¹s top infiltration men and his latest mission sends him down a dark, strange path where he learns that the mission this time around is himself! If he can¹t trust himself, how can he trust anyone else?

RED: VICTORIA SPECIAL #1, written by Jon Hoeber with art by David Hahn.

Victoria is a beautiful and vibrant 30-year-old woman in her prime ­ and MI6¹s top assassin. The commitment to become the best has left her personal life empty and cold . . . until, on a vacation following a particularly difficult mission, she meets the man of her dreams and falls head-over-heels in love! The only downside? He¹s the K.G.B.¹s hottest agent, and he¹s her next target!

RED: JOE SPECIAL #1, written by Doug Wagner with art by Bruno Redondo.

Joe is an old hand at missions for the C.I.A., but even he raises an eyebrow at his latest assignment: face-to-face personnel reviews with deep cover operatives IN the field. And to make things even more difficult, the ³field² is Moscow and it¹s during the height of the Cold War in 1981. It¹s going to be one long day!

RED: FRANK SPECIAL #1, written by Gregory Noveck with art by Jason Masters.

Frank Moses is the C.I.A.¹s top agent, and his latest mission is to tutor a gifted young agent on a mission to Cairo. First lesson to learn: no personal attachments...a lesson that could cause both men their lives!