Chart: The Rise & Fall Of 3D

The Wrap has published a long article on 3D's future in Hollywood which includes a nice chart designed by Daniel Frankel which chronicles the drop of opening weekend box office revenue that came from 3D movie tickets. On the surface this graph seems pretty damming, but I'm not sure I completely buy the story it tells.

First off: I think it is completely unfair to include James Cameron's Avatar in this graph for many reasons.

Secondly, it is the only PG-13 film included on the list. The other films are mostly family targeted. I would assume that families are the ones choosing 2D over 3D as the price of 3D tickets for a family of four or five is much less affordable.Where as teenagers and adults going alone or with a date might be more willing to pay for the 3D premium.

Thirdly, there might also be something to be said about how Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me didn't include the 3D aspect as a big part of their marketing campaigns, where as Dreamworks Animation tried to include "3D" up front and center in every piece of marketing.

Are less people paying to see a movie in 3D? I'm not sure. Why isn't Clash of the Titans on here? Journey to the Center of the Earth? Final Destination? I would definitely love to see a graph that incorporates all of the 3D releases, or at least a more extensive list.