Predators Director Nimrod Antal Wants To Make Paraffin Next

Predators, the new film from producer Robert Rodriguez and director Nimród Antal, is just about to open. So, now that the film is in the can, with that can ready to be opened by slightly-suspecting audiences like a mark unscrewing the old 'surprise snake' gag, what's next for Antal?

There's the possibility of a sequel, but the film he wants to make next is a dystopian thriller called Paraffin.

The Playlist talked to Antal, who said,

I have a passion project that I've been writing for a few years called, Paraffin. I'm going to try to get that going. But at the same time I'm just keeping my options open and trying to appreciate the moment...[Paraffin] is actually the one I wanted to write and direct right after 'Kontroll.' So that's what I'm doing next.

The director was loathe to give out specific story details, but he did use an analogy to set up the basic idea. Essentially, this could be a story about refugees creating a craft to escape oppression, but on a global scale.

I can give you a teaser: men and women will build a boat out of plastic bottles in Cuba to escape oppression, right? So imagine if our world has become that [kind of] oppression. You aren't building plastic bottle boats anymore, you have to build something else to get out of here.

Without having seen Predators, but being a fan of Antal's first feature, Kontroll, and generally liking his follow-up, Vacancy, I'm pretty intrigued by this idea. Sounds like it could be something that sits firmly alongside the sort of films Neill Blomkamp is trying to make. Yes, definitely — more of that, please.

But there's also the possibility of a Predators sequel, should this film do well. "Yeah. Well, listen," Antal said. "I'm down. Are you?"