VOTD: (500) Days Of Summer Trailer Recut As Stalkerish Thriller

Maybe you watched (500) Days of Summer and were charmed by the film's take on being smitten to the point of delirium and distraction. Or, maybe you watched the film and, more than anything else, wanted Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character to man up, realize that Zooey Deschanel just wasn't into him and that it was time to move on. But what if he didn't move on after being dumped, and instead turned into a full-on shadowy stalker? If that had happened, the film might look a little bit like the one seen in this recut trailer.

I Like Scott Productions cut this together, using the trailer music from Inception and quite a few well-chosen clips from (500) Days of Summer. As is so often the case with recut footage, it's great to see how a change in music can completely alter the tone of a shot. Those images of JGL coming up the escalator and sitting alone and upset in the movie theater take on completely different meaning in this context. It's movie magic!

The use of Zack Hemsey's 'Mind Heist,' from the latest Inception trailer, is a little overbearing, but that just turns this into proper comedy. You can see why the song was chosen, too: not only is there the Joseph Gordon-Levitt link between Inception and (500) Days of Summer, but the song has perfect crescendos and breaks that really suit what this re-edit is trying to do. It's nice work, overall. [via Awards Daily and Jeff Wells]