Box Office: MacGruber Bombs, Final Shrek Takes Top Slot From Iron Man

According to the early Friday box office estimates, Universal's Saturday Night Live big screen adaptation of MacGruber bombed with only $1.6 million on Friday, headed for an estimated weekend total of $4.5 million. Not only did it lose out to the new Shrek film, but also the second weekend of Summit's romantic drama Letters To Juliet, the second weekend of Ridley Scott's Robin Hood and the third weekend of Iron Man 2. Shrek Forever After will end the weekend with the top slot with a projected $70 million.

Here are the top five estimates from Deadline:

1. Shrek Forever After 3D (1) [4,359 Theaters] $20M, $70M, $70M

2. Iron Man 2 (3) [4,177 Theaters] $7.8M, $27M, $251M

3. Robin Hood (2) [3,505 Theaters] $5.5M, $17M, $54M

4. Letters To Juliet (2) [2,975 Theaters] $3M, $9.5M, $22M

5. MacGruber (Rogue/Universal) NEW [2,551 Theaters] $1.6M, $4.5M, $4.5M