The Real Reason Why Megan Fox Left Transformers 3

Reports that Megan Fox left Transformers 3, and not the other way around, are looking more plausible now. The Wrap has a source "close to the actress" who claims that Fox walked away from the film because Michael Bay was "verbally abusive." Fox "had enough and decided to get out early." This squares with previous statements that Fox has made about Bay, calling him a "tyrant" and a difficult director to work with.

The Wrap's Jeff Sneider speculates that "it's highly plausible that Paramount studio chariman Brad Grey's well-known relationship with [Deadline] editor-in-chief Nikki Finke played a part in how the story was initially spun." Deadline was the first to break the news this past Wednesday that Fox was out of the sequel.  For its part, Paramount is still claiming agency in the decision. Said the studio: "Paramount had the unilateral right to exercise an option for Megan Fox to appear in 'Transformers 3.' Paramount at its sole election allowed the option to lapse."