George Romero Has Ideas For Two More 'Dead' Films, Possibly To Be Shot Back To Back

Though he took a long break for a number of different reasons, since his return to zombie movies with Land of the Dead in 2005, George Romero has been steadily expanding his 'Dead' universe. Now he's saying he's got ideas for two more ...Dead films in him, possibly to be shot back to back, and which might round out his overall zombie story into two sets of four films.

STYD talked to Romero yesterday during a press day for Survival of the Dead. The director said that he has ideas for at least two more ...Dead films. The site paraphrases Romero saying that "returning for two more entries would feel like home to him and bringing his family back together."

As STYD reports, the two films Romero is pondering now would " continue to push the news ideas he's applied to the undead in Survival," which suggests that we'd end up with two sets of four-film story arcs. One begins with Night of the Living Dead and ends with Land of the Dead, while the second would begin with Diary of the Dead and end with the second of these two possible films.

Romero's later ...Dead films, starting with Land, have seen mixed reception amongst fans. There are some things, like the transition from practical effects to CGI, that may be unavoidable functions of budget restrictions. But then there is the set of more justified complaints about the story and characters in Diary of the Dead, which had a lot of problems. Survivial is said to be the best of the latter three films, but as Romero moves farther afield from the tightly wound core ideas that powered the first couple Dead films, he's been on shakier ground. I'd love to see him take the momentum from Survival and roar back with a couple killer films to finish out the series, however.