Has Adam Shankman Quit Bob: The Musical To Beat Sam Mendes To Oz Job?

We've already discussed that Sam Mendes and Adam Shankman were frontrunners to direct Oz the Great and Powerful, an origin story for the Wonderful Wizard that looks set to star Robert Downey Jr. as the titular warlock. Now, it's looking like Shankman is taking his campaign for the job into the public arena.

Shankman's biggest, bravest play has been to quit another project, the long in development Bob: The Musical. He's also making open reference to his desire to land the gig through retweets on his Twitter account. Bye Bob – you sounded like I might at least enjoy you.

The Great and Powerful question, as the LA Times frame it, is which sounds better: Wizard of Oz by way of American Beauty or by way of Hairspray?

Personally, I'd vote Hairspray...and doubly so if we were talking about the original. The prospect of a John Waters trip to Oz is something I'd get really excited about.