Clash Of The Titans And Journey To The Centre Of The Earth Sequels In The Offing, But Original Directors Won't Be Coming Back

I don't imagine there's going to be much fan loyalty to either Louis Letterier or Eric Brevig for their first films in the Clash of the Titans and Journey to the Centre of the Earth franchises, and it looks like there's going to be no studio loyalty either. As sequels to both films start to gear up in the Warner Bros. back office, it has become clear that new helmsmen are being sought, with pace of turnaround being the real priority.

As far as Journey goes, there's one name being touted already: Brad Peyton. He's got Cats and Dogs sequel The Revenge of Kitty Galore coming up this summer, and I'm doubtful it will make for much of an auspicious feature debut. On the other hand, his "cartoon gothic" shorts Evelyn: The Cutest Evil Dead Girl and A Tale of Bad Luck were very well received and seemed to suggest he was at least going to become a director who could pack out signing sessions down at Hot Topic. Rather than Journey, I'd far rather hear about him going off to shoot Billy Grimm, the film he's been developing with Ginger Snaps' superb screenwriter Karen Walton.

Seeing as Warners want a 2011 slot and are therefore unprepared to wait for Journey-the-first's Eric Brevig to get through with Yogi Bear, they're running the risk of losing Brendan Fraser in the starring role. Apparently, he's keen to stay true to Brevig and not go off with some new director. Interesting that the studio is willing to sacrifice the lead actor in order to hit a certain schedule. I think they're looking at the 3D effects as the real box office draw, but will stereo vision still have the same magnetism a year or so from now?

Meanwhile, Deadline's report has it that Warner Bros. are still hunting a writer and director for the Clash follow up who can make some sharp moves and "whip the movie into shape  to shoot before Worthington makes Avatar 2". Do Warner Bros. know something about James Cameron's schedule that we don't?

Louis Letterier's abdication, Deadline's "insiders" say, was "harmonious" with the director reluctant to "rush into another installment of Greek mythological mayhem". I know how he feels.

Does this mean Letterier has another film on the starting blocks? Not necessarily. And I can't say I'd blame him for wanting some distance from the sheer travesty that is the first Clash film.