Vincent Gallo: Amazing Raconteur, Honest Jerk, Total Scumbag? Or All In One?

It's tax week, so you might not have a lot of money right now, which could be limiting your weekend entertainment options. Sure, there's Kick-Ass opening, and Exit Through the Gift Shop if you're in New York or LA (seriously the best movie I've seen yet this year — my current draft of a review has 10/10 as the score) but maybe you don't have the cash to hit a theater tonight.

If that's the case then pour a drink and spend forty minutes at home with Vincent Gallo. An audio interview recorded several years ago has just surfaced, and it may be the best piece of entertainment Gallo has yet produced.

The interview is in two parts at Hikari Takano's website, and I think was first pointed out by Cinematical. The two-part recording covers a wonderful variety of topics including:

The fact that Jonas Ackerlund, Steven Soderbergh, Spike Jonze and Martin Scorsese and many more actors and filmmakers all suck.Working with autonomy in Hollywood.Did Eric Roberts sleep with his sister, Julia?Gallo's own criminal proficiency.

And far more.

A lot of people are going to listen to this and think, "I hate this guy." Which is fine, and even great. Gallo certainly doesn't care. I can't argue with the fact that Gallo seems like a jerk, but he also sounds like the sort of guy whose nature is apparent within ten words. You can't possibly deal with Gallo and get the wrong impression about him.

And in an industry when everyone constantly bends over backwards to kiss ass, hearing an interview like this is bracing and refreshing. Is Gallo's distaste for many filmmakers and actors born of jealousy or rooted in personal experience? Again, I don't care, because the final result is so damned entertaining. It is also pretty seriously NSFW, so again, enjoy in the comfort of your own home.