Cool Stuff: Tim Doyle's Ghostbusters-Inspired "Ready To Believe You" Print

Tim Doyle has a new Ghostbusters-inspired print on Nakatomi, and today is the last day that the print will be available for preorder (midnight CST Monday night). But you'll have to subscribe to their e-mail list if you want one. "Ready To Believe You" is available in two different editings, a regular edition (red, white and blue as seen above) and a limited Slimed (Glow Edition) whihc will only be available to mailing list subscribers. Check out both images, after the jump.

Regular Edition


Slimed (Glow) Edition


If you want one of these, you must subscribe to the Nakatomi mailing list (linked above). Here is the information sent out to the list:

send payment- $30 for the regular, $50 for the green glow edition, PLUS shipping (8.99 US, 14.99 Canada, 19.99 everywhere else) to this PayPal address- MAKE SURE you have your address IN the PayPal payment so we can deliver the poster to you, dig? Shipping is PER ORDER, not per poster. ALSO- Make sure you say WHAT and HOW MANY you want of each poster in the notes! I don't want to have to 'haunt' your email trying to find out what you want! (Sorry for the pun.)Here's the specs!"Ready To Believe You" is a 12×24, 4 color silkscreen. (5th glow underbase layer on the glow edition.) The Glow print is ACTUALLY GREEN. That is not just a mock-up of it glowing. It's printed with GREEN INK. The print is hand pulled, and signed and numbered by the artist, Tim Doyle.Questions answered before you even ask-1- No, you do not need a PayPal account to send money via PayPal, just a credit card. Go to and just click 'send money'2- Yes, you can buy more than one. That's the point of a pre-sell- if you want to put some of these away for a rainy day, that's up to you.3- The Pre-sell option period will end on MONDAY April 12th. If you haven't sent payment to by then, you'll have to roll the dice on getting one on line later. (And only the regular edition).4- STARTING on Tuesday April 13th, we will begin printing these. That should take about a week, and they will ship out the following week. Please don't email asking 'where's my poster?' the day after you send payment.5- Edition size- this is a pre-sell. Edition size depends greatly on your response. Although, since these are hand-pulled, doing an edition greater than 300 is probably not going to happen. If it gets crazy, we might have to start turning people away or limiting qty. We will keep everyone informed. With that said- I wouldn't wait too long to send payment in.6- If there are left-overs of the regular edition's print run after the pre-sell, they will be put up on the Nakatomi site after everyone else's orders have shipped, and they will be the same price ($30) The Glow edition is ONLY for the pre-sell, and won't be on Nakatomi, ever.