Warner Bros. Stealing Hype From Kick-Ass For Clash Of The Titans With Google Adwords Trickery

Here's a piece of marketing for Clash of the Titans that is at least commendably sneaky. Go to the UK version of Google. Search Kick-Ass. What do you get? In the main results, just what you'd expect to: IMDB, the official site and so on... but over in the sidebar of sponsored advertising?

First of all, you get an ad for Clash of the Titans, Warner Bros. big would-be blockbuster, which is opening in direct competition with Kick-Ass. They've clearly stumped up a lump and purchased some Google AdWords action. Bleeding Cool spotted this first, and made a screen cap.

But since then, there's been some even sneakier action. A new ad has appeared, clearly purchased by Universal, the UK distributors of Kick-Ass. It reads "Don't Be Conned. Heroes Don't Clash, Real Heroes Kick-Ass. Join Up Now youtube.com/kickass"


A neat trick by team Clash, a neater trick by team Kick-Ass.