DisneyWorld Monorail Trains Transformed Into Tron Legacy Lightcycles

We've been hearing for a while now that Disney executives are so excited about the upcoming sequel Tron: Legacy that they are planning to give it a big presence in the company's theme parks. We've heard rumors of a Flynn's Arcade in Tomorrowland, a revamp of the people movers and even a new Tron Legacy ride. These are just rumors, and I'm sure there might be more.

Disney Parks has revealed that the Monorail Trains are being skinned to advertise the new film. The art, as you can see in the above concept images, makes the mororail trains appear to be a lightcycle from the world of tron, complete with a trail of colored light. According to the report, the transformed trains will be visible on the Epcot monorail line as early as this month.