Mark Millar Talks Kick-Ass 2

As the release date for Kick-Ass gets closer, original comic creator Mark Millar is already looking towards the comic sequel to his original creation, and the film sequel that will hopefully ensue. As such, he's talking about the direction the story will go, and dropping some big notes and spoilers along the way.

Did I say spoilers? Yep! If you haven't read and/or seen Kick-Ass yet (hey, not the most unlikely thing, as I know Lionsgate has done a few screenings for comic shop employees, for example) then you might want to tread carefully pulled quotes from Millar out of the film companion book Kick-Ass: Creating the Comic, Making the Movie.

To begin, the second volume of Kick-Ass will see the hero unmasked. That's a favorite idea amongst comic writers (when you've got a guy in a mask, the natural idea is to strip it away, unless the character is Judge Dredd) and Millar's young hero won't get off easy.

One of my favourite ideas in superhero comics is the exposure of the secret identity... I like the idea of doing that to somebody like Kick-Ass, who's going to have real-world ramifications if his secret identity gets exposed. I wanted that in the first volume but there was just no room, so I shifted it all into the second volume.

The sequel movie talk comes out when discussing the character of Red Mist, played on film by Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Here's where the real spoilers start.

Red Mist surviving, becoming the super-villain was always planned, but the idea was that he was going to be a more minor character in the first film. Then we saw what Christopher Mintz-Plasse was capable of! Also, I really like the idea of somebody who people were relaxed watching on screen doing horrible things... the second movie, it's going to get very, very dark what goes on with him...So the idea of McLovin' and the fun Red Mist doing something horrible is genuinely quite disturbing when you see it happen. We couldn't have got away with that with another actor. The minute we saw his performance, we were looking at each other and realised how good he was and what we could do with him in the future...

This is an official promo book, so I expect to hear Millar highly endorsing all the actors' performances (and Millar likes to talk...a lot... in the first place) and I really wonder if this is the movie where Mintz-Plasse can break the McLovin mold.