Moviegoer Stabbed In The Throat After Complaining About Cellphone User During Shutter Island Screening

As /Filmcast listeners know, I'm a strong advocate for courteous movie watching. No talking, no cell phone usage whatsoever, no doing anything else obnoxious. In fact, I was just reading Linda Holmes' piece this morning, "The Shusher and the Shushed: Why It Matters When You Talk During Movies," and getting heartened that other people in the world share this point of view.

But then I read some good nightmare fuel for all those of us who dare to stand up for the sanctity of the moviegoing experience. According to the LATimes, a man was recently watching Shutter Island at the Cinemark 22 in Lancaster, when he complained about a woman talking on a cell phone during the film. The woman left with two men. The two men returned and one of them stabbed the complainer in the throat with a meat thermometer.

"It was a vicious and cowardly attack," said the LA County Sheriff. Agreed.

[Thanks to /Film reader Rick for the tip!]