The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Will Be Filmed As Two Movies, Shot Back-To-Back

As if we didn't see this one coming,

Nikki Finke

has confirmed with her high up sources that Summit Entertainment will film the two-film adaptation of Breaking Dawn, the last film in the Twilight series, back-to-back beginning in Mid-October 2010.

It is a smart move for Summit to act quick on the remaining chapters of the Twilight series as the stars are getting older and who knows how long this insane fan craziness will last, really. Also, using the same crew for two films shot together will save on a lot of costs. Deadline says that Summit is looking at "high-end" directors for the conclusion of the Twilight Saga. I really can't imagine any huge name filmmakers aligned with this series, but I also never imagined David Slade or Chris Weitz would ever be involved. David Slade's The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is already in the can and awaiting release in June 2010.

It is assumed that both films will be shot back to back, in the same style as the Back to the Future, Matrix and Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg (who's written all of the Twilight films) is currently working on the Breaking Dawn adaptation. The book, which was released in August 2008, is not a favorite of many of the Twihards.