LOL: Harvey Weinstein Suggests Appropriate PR Tactics To Errol Morris

Some of the most entertaining moments in the movie business come about when one overbearing personality gets a chance not just to be a total dick to another, but to be relatively justified in doing so. Harvey Weinstein is a master of these moments. When thinking about talking crap about the responsibilities of Mr. Weinstein, you should be prepared for a scathing response.

In 1988, Errol Morris got a taste of Weinstein's ability to dress down filmmakers in his employ when Morris complained about Miramax's efforts to promote his film The Thin Blue Line. The movie's place in history is well-known by now (as the subject of the film, convicted killer Randall Adams, was exonerated after its release) but at the time Morris thought Harvey needed to do more to sell the film. As it turns out, Harvey thought exactly the same thing about Morris, as a letter sent to the director demonstrates.

How'd you like to receive a missive that begins with the following? "Heard your NPR interview and you were boring. You couldn't have dragged me to see THE THIN BLUE LINE if my life depended on it." Check out the full letter after the break. It is glorious, even if you're a devoted Morris fan.[via Gordon and the Whale]