Karate Kid Remake Earned Second Highest Test Screening Score In Sony History?

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that The Karate Kid remake starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan just held a research screening and earned the second highest test screening score in Sony history, just under 2005's Hitch, which coincidentally starred Jaden's father Will Smith. Even with our well documented disdain for the project, we found the teaser trailer to be surprisingly watchable (but it might have just been the very low expectations we had set).

Of course, EW got the information from the studio, who could easily be lying, but for any movie — why lie for this film? The story claims that the positive scores ranked in the 97th percentile. Keep in mind that research screening audiences are recruited to fit a targeted demographic (age, sex, financial, who knows what else) that the studio is aiming for with the release. I'm sure the screening wasn't filled with hardcore fans of the original Ralph Macchio 1980's "classic", and probably skewed much younger.