MTV Planning Dawn Of The Dead Spin-Off TV Series

The last time George Romero's Dawn of the Dead went out for a reworking, pretty much the entire blogosphere shared my skepticism. Luckily, once Zack Snyder's remake finally came out, most of us were satisfied that while he hadn't ousted the original from it's Best Zombie Movie Ever pedestal, he'd actually served up a film well worth caring about and taking seriously. Snyder even received great acclaim for the opening movement of the picture, and I can honestly say that I really love those first ten minutes or so in particular. Some controversy remained, however, primarily over Snyder's decision to have his undead be fast runners, seemingly ignoring all common sense about what kinds of stress and strain a rotting corpse could take.

Now, MTV are planning to create a spin-off TV series licensed from the Romero film. Will they be going for the fast or slow zombies?

According to Bloody Disgusting's scoop, they're going for a mix. The freshly dead can run and the more atrophied examples will shamble? There's no indication, but it seems like a smart enough conceit.

In fact, there's very little known about the project at all at the moment. Bloody Disgusting are promising to tell us more once this actually a done deal.

MTV have curiously made some big strides into the horror arena of late with an upcoming Teenwolf series and their recent My Super-Psycho Sweet 16, a Halloween special TV movie from Jacob Gentry, one of the directors of The Signal. I haven't seen Super-Psycho, being in the UK where I don't believe it has aired yet, but I definitely have it on my list and it did receive some surprisingly positive reviews. Could MTV have found their new niche? I'm certainly more interested in some horror programming than I am a bunch of faked-up reality shows about spoiled rich kids whining.