A Behind The Scenes Look At Platinum Dunes' A Nightmare On Elm Street

Final Destination just hit DVD, and bundled on the disc is a short behind the scenes preview of the upcoming remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, from Platinum Dunes. The clip shows off some new footage, including the creation of Freddy Krueger's knives, and has a few quick interview clips with Jackie Earle Haley, who plays this incarnation of the horror icon.

I'm still on the fence about this one; so much of what we've seen from Sam Bayer's version of the story looks too much like a beat-by-beat regurgitation of the original, with a scant few new touches. But I love Haley, and I'd be thrilled if this turned out to be as much fun as the first and third films in the original series.

Check out the clip after the break. The quality is low, and we'll update when a better one is available. For the time being, however, the fuzzy quality almost helps the clip; it feels like the original films did when I watched them on VHS 20 years ago.