The Last Airbender, Iron Man 2, Shutter Island Will Get Super Bowl Spots

Advertising Age (via Comingsoon) has released a list of advertisers for Super Bowl XLIV and we've learned that Paramount will be buying ads for Iron Man 2, Shutter Island, and The Last Airbender. If you want to know when you should stay near your TV, the three ads will air during the first and second quarter of Super Bowl XLIV, which itself will air on February 7, 2010. Universal will also be buying at least one spot, although no comment on who/what will get the royal treatment.

Ad space on Super Bowl XLIV, on average, is worth $3 million for 30 seconds, although prices may be as low as $2.5 million for this year's upcoming game. It's always interesting to see what studios choose to show when they have one brief, very expensive shot at getting the message out for their films.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our existing coverage (including trailers) of The Last Airbender, Iron Man 2, and Shutter Island.