First Look: Nicolas Cage In The Hungry Rabbit Jumps

[No photo]Janice Wong caught a photo of Nicolas Cage filming a scene for his new film The Hungry Rabbit Jumps. The dramatic thriller tells the story of "a man whose wife is the victim of a brutal crime" and "subsequently becomes entangled with an underground vigilante organization." Roger Donaldson (Thirteen Days, The Bounty, The Bank Job) is directing, while January Jones and Guy Pearce co-star.

[No photo]

Here is a note from Wong:

On the day I was finally going to go to Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World, I hopped on the free ferry to Algiers on a whim. When I found out that the Mardi Gras World there had been shut down and moved to the other side of the water yrs back, I had half an hour to kill til the ferry could take me back. Wandering around, I stumbled onto a movie shoot with Nicholas Cage BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I spoke to one of the security guards who told me that he'd been on set since 5am that morning (it was 11am) and they were only just BEGINNING to shoot the scene, which consisted of Nic running alongside the river for about 20 seconds. Enthralling, I know!

I know the photos aren't too exciting, but it's a slow news day due to Christmas week.