Rumor: Ridley Scott's Robin Hood, Terminator 2 And Star Wars Going 3D?

We've heard rumors before that George Lucas is working up a 3D version of the original Star Wars films, and those rumors are back again. This time, though, they've brought some friends – new rumors of Terminator 2 getting dimensionalised, and a claim that Ridley Scott is "breathing down the neck of executives at Universal to get them to approve making a 3D version of his new $200 million epic, Robin Hood".

Studio Canal owns the rights to Terminator 2 and it's reportedly their plan to have a re-release in 3D. Is that good idea? Well, maybe. It all depends on two factors, I believe: how hungry the exhibitors are for 3D material, and how quickly home 3D systems are adopted. If there's a 3D T2 but nowhere to screen it, because everybody is still 'flat' at home and the 3D screens are filled with new pictures, then it won't matter how reasonably priced the process is.

According to a report in The Wrap, the T2 status is that "a deal is in the works... to fast-track making the 3D version". They also put forward the claim that "George Lucas is exploring a 3D version of Star Wars", thought they don't even hint at a source for that claim. Have they simply fallen for the old rumour?

It's on the Robin Hood front that they have what might be more solid information.

One knowledgeable executive told me that it would cost only an additional $7 to $8 million to create a 3D version of Robin Hood. The question is – what will that add to the box-office total?

Well, a darn sight more than $7 to $8 million I can promise you.

Ridley Scott has gone on the record about his love for 3D and has promised already that his film of Forever War will be shot in stereovision. Indeed, here's his quote after he'd seen some of Avatar way back at the start of the year:

I've seen some of James Cameron's work, and I've got to go 3D. It's going to be phenomenal.

To. The. Point.

Sharon Waxman's article inevitably discusses Steven Spielberg and his excited reaction to Avatar. What she doesn't mention, curiously, is that Spielberg's first 3D picture, Tintin, is already into post production.

And one can only imagine what Steven Spielberg – whose reported comment that Avatar was the best film he'd ever seen has been repeated to me by no fewer than four awestruck colleagues – has planned for Jurassic Park.

Okay... except we don't even know if he has any plans for Jurassic Park. Let's sit back and watch the rumour spread, though – we are about to go into a couple of really slow news days after all.