Vinnie & Mario Trailer: Pusher Director Nicolas Refn Has ANOTHER New Movie?

Or does he?

I honestly don't know if this is real. I have no idea what it is, though it appears to be a trailer for a darkly comedic gangster film from director Nicolas Winding Refn. We've heard nothing about this until now. But here's some footage with David Proval from The Sopranos, John Capodice (the actor who is basically a walking incarnation of Jersey), and a decidedly grindhouse-style trailer narration. What the hell is going on with Vinnie & Mario?

I was a bit gobsmacked to have a look at Twitch and see this trailer right at the top of the page. So was Twitch's Todd Brown, it seems, and he's usually way more in the loop about stuff like this than mere mortals. Besides, between making Bronson and Valhalla Rising and doing press for both, Refn couldn't have made another movie. Could he?

"I used to make people disappear," David Proval deadpans at the open. "Now I just make 'em leave." Story here seems to be that a couple of wise guy hitmen who skip out on their old lives to run a resort villa in some sunny clime...with extreme prejudice. When the guests misbehave, so do they. The taglines just write themselves.

So ostensibly this is a trailer for a new gangland comedy, and the visual style is very much in the vein of the Pusher films. In fact, it is so much in the vein of those movies, with shots that seem to deliberately echo the third Pusher film in particular, that I wonder if this isn't something other than what it appears to be. Would Refn really throw that "atsa matter with you?" line in a film? Doesn't seem like it. Wouldn't this be great if it were actually paid for by Travelocity or something?

Keep an eye on the website where this was posted to see if we get more clues.