The Howling To Be Reborn, And Where Have All The Werewolves Gone?

It seems that Joe Dante's The Howling is now up for remaking. Tonight we've learned that Joe Nimziki, a former studio marketing executive, will be making his feature film debut with The Howling: Reborn. Nimziki also wrote the script. The original Howling spawned a series of sequels that, from what I can remember, were pretty much all crap. Could this remake be any better?

There's little else to go on with this project. We know that the studio behind the film is aiming to start production in February for a Haloween release, but I'm not even sure if this is a film we'll actually be seeing in theaters.

Brendon recently reported on a rumor regarding this film's plot, which I'll repost here:

According to Arrow in the Head, the Howling Reborn reboot is a "Twilight/Gossip Girl wannabe with some Lost Boys thrown in for good measure". Apparently, there's an opening scene that riffs on Joe Dante and John Sayles' original before twisting it all up in a dodgy-sounding teen-friendly pretzel of meh.

Sadly, given today's climate for certain genre material, I wouldn't be surprised if this rumor was true.

It does make me wonder though, whatever happened to the werewolf film? The last good one I can remember is Dog Soldiers, but beyond that we have the oddly giant  and mopey werewolves in Twilight: New Moon, and the boring Lycans in Underworld. There's The Wolf Man coming up, but I'm not entirely show what to expect from that film at this point.

The British supernatural series Being Human has some good werewolf material, and we'll be seeing that remade by SyFy in America soon. But other than that, it seems as if we've been culturally infatuated with vampires more so than werewolves for some time. (Even vamp-heavy series like Buffy only feature the werewolves as side characters).

Discuss: Are you a fan of The Howling? How does this remake sit with you? Also, where the heck have all the werewolves gone?