Anne Hathaway Added To The Possible List For Spider-Man 4

Nikki Finke, who in the past has proven to have sources deep within Marvel Entertainment, is now reporting that producers are very interested in casting Anne Hathaway in a "starring role" in Spider-Man 4.

If you've been following the rumor mill for the last few days, then you've heard a bunch of different names supposedly in consideration for the new female lead role, rumored to be Black Cat, in the Spider-man fourquel including Rachel McAdams (who has since denied the reports), Romola Garai (who auditioned for the role), and Julia Stiles (who also met with casting directors). All four actresses fall into the near 30-year-old age range. Hathaway is the only one of the bunch who has a vastly different look, and darker hair. I know we're probably all getting tired of this "take a meeting" casting talk, and would rather just know the final name, but we're just reporting the information available to us, as we get it. Speaking of which...

Update: My UK friend Ben Mortimer has gotten his hands on a leaked production document, which he revealed on Twitter: The entire short list of actresses in consideration for the role is available here.Discuss: What do you think of Anne Hathaway for the role of Black Cat?