Exclusive Premiere: Derrick Comedy's First Short Film In Nearly Two Years: Boy Band; Also: Mystery Team Expands, Demand It!

Derrick Comedy has been so busy making and promoting their feature film debut Mystery Team, that they haven't had the time to produce a new internet short film/comedy sketch in almost two whole years. Until now, that is. Derrick is releasing the short film "Boy Band" online to celebrate the further expansion of  their indie comedy feature. To me, "Boy Band", is a perfect example of why I love these guys. It's so very politically incorrect in all the right ways, the lyrics are brilliantly written, and the production is top notch, especially for an internet production (to me it looks as good, if not better, than any of the Digital Shorts on SNL).

A rough cut of "Boy Band" premiered at the Alamo Drafhouse before the national premiere of Mystery Team. But aside from the Austin Texas audience who were in attendance at that screening, you are the first to see the new short. Derrick has decided to premiere the new short film exclusively on /Film, as a way of saying thanks to you guys, the /Film readers, for the continued support of their debut feature.

For the past month, Derrick has asked you to DEMAND that Mystery Team play in your town, and now Roadside has announced that the movie is coming to some of the most demanded cities. Derrick tells us that the theatrical release will continue into the new year, so if you want to see the movie, DEMAND IT in your town, and tell your friends do the same. Watch the new short film after the jump, followed by information about Mystery Team's Holiday expansion plans.Over the next month and a half, Mystery Team will expand to four new cities:

  • 11/13/09 – Phoenix, AZ – Harkins Valley Art Theater
  • 12/4/09 – New York, NY – Quad Cinemas
  • 12/11/09 – Albequerque, NM – The Guild Cinema – MIDNIGHT SHOWS
  • 2/4/10 – Chicago, IL – Music Box
  • Here is a quote from the Derrick guys:

    There is no big corporate machine behind this movie, it's just us and the movie and you guys, the people who want to see it. We are, as ever, entirely in your hands. We thank you for your continued support, your patience, and your excitement. Please let us know you're out there by DEMANDING "Mystery Team."

    Want Mystery Team to play in your city? Demand it now! Roadside is actually listening (or reading, as it may be) and will be brining the film into the most demanded markets, if you can shout loud enough. Demand it and tell your friends!

    Demand Mystery Team in your city!Learn more about the Eventful Demand for Mystery Team