Don Cheadle Talks About War Machine In ET Set Visit Clip

Entertainment Tonight has been posting a series of little set visit video clips from Iron Man 2. There was the first one showing Robert Downey, Jr. and some on-set action, a second following the enthusiasm around Mickey Rourke (embedded below) and now Don Cheadle gets the spotlight as ET focuses on the War Machine, his armored alter-ego that we first saw in footage displayed at Comic Con this year.

If the first set visit clip didn't give you what you were hoping for from Don Cheadle, this one might. Cheadle talks about his enthusiasm for being in an action movie and actually being part of the action, rather than being stuck on the sidelines. (Hooray for that — looking forward to the duel.) He talks a bit about the development of the War Machine suit within the context of the film and about the actual physical suit he wears. ("It's about sixty pounds.") Cheadle also talks about Favreau as a director, but really nothing there you wouldn't expect to hear from an actor being interviewed on set.

Sadly, the footage we see is limited to what was going on during ET's set visit day — it's all Monaco race track stuff. You won't actually see War Machine here. For that, we'll likely have to wait for the first teaser or trailer, which will likely incorporate the same shot of the character that ran in Hall H at Comic Con. For now it's good to get Cheadle talking about the film; he's a great addition to the cast.

After Cheadle's clip, check out the piece on Mickey Rourke. I didn't run the clip when it first appeared a couple days ago, because it is fairly content-free. There are a tiny couple of glimpses of new on-set footage that are worth checking out. But with respect to the interviews (which don't include Rourke, sadly) don't expect anything useful at all.