Diablo Cody Goes To Sweet Valley High

Universal is in discussions to acquire the rights to 152-book series Sweet Valley High with Diablo Cody attached to adapt the franchise for the big screen. Cody apparently grew up on the series, and developed a take on the property. According to HeatVision, the package was taken around town last week and spawned a bidding war between Fox 2000, Mandate and Universal.

I'm one of the few people not on the Cody hate-wagon, and I actually quite enjoy her dialogue, but this isn't really a project I care to ever see. That said, I think Cody is the perfect screenwriter to tackle this series. If Jennifer's Body proved anything (other than that Megan Fox can't open a movie on her own) it is that Cody is good at writing relationships between teenage girls. The strongest part of Body was the friendship between Fox and Seyfried's characters.

The book series was created by Francine Pascal in 1983, and was written by many ghostwriters over the twenty year history. The books revolved around the lives of teenage twin sisters Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, who lived in the fictional town of Sweet Valley, California.