Must-Watch: US Antichrist Trailer

I almost didn't post this, because we've run a few clips and/or trailer from Lars Von Trier's Antichrist already. But goddamn, this is a hell of a trailer. For one, it is in HD Quicktime, and while I've understood previously that the movie has some great imagery, this presentation suggests that it might be a really genuinely beautiful film. Furthermore, this trailer is genuinely scary. It hints at the classic effect of the original Alien and The Shining trailers for inspiring fear. No small feat. Check it out after the break.

Apple has the trailer in HD. (I've embedded a YouTube version below, but really suggest checking out the HD version.) My only complaint about the way this one is assembled is that there is a too-heavy reliance on quotes from press out of Cannes. But the actual images are increibly gorgeous. Antichrist was shot by Slumdog Millionaire cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle (who has worked with both Danny Boyle and Lars Von Trier many times before) and it seems like he's really outdone himself.Antichrist was one of the first films to play for press last week at the Toronto International Film Festival. While the Cannes reaction to the movie was fairly unified (shocking, provocative, but not necessarily good) the TIFF reviews have been more interesting. Not that they're any less divided than those that came out back in May, but critics seeing the film now, prepped for how insane the experience might be, are having some reactions that are less overcome by shock and disgust. Some are much more impressed with Von Trier's filmmaking. Movieline is calling it an instant classic, and the always thoughtful Roger Ebert has been scrutinizing his own reaction to the film. He's probably said it best, no surprise:

Do I believe his film "works?" Would I "recommend" it? Is it a "good" film? I believe von Trier doesn't care how I or anyone else would reply to those questions. He had the ideas and feelings, he saw into the pit, he made the film, and here it is.