See A Tiny Snippet Of New Where The Wild Things Are Footage

How hungry are you to see new footage from Spike Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are? At this point, anything from this movie is welcome, even if it's only a few seconds. The UK version of that Maurice Sendak featurette we saw back at Comic-Con has about ten seconds of stuff that previously had only been seen by the public in Hall H. Check it out after the jump.

Here's the breakdown of what's in this clip. The first twenty seconds were seen in the second full trailer. Then there's about ten seconds of material that we saw in Hall H, but to my knowledge hasn't run anywhere else. It's good stuff, too, which is why I'm bothering to post this at all. Following that is the little featurette with Jonze and Maurice Sendak and some cool behind the scenes footage. If you haven't seen that yet, definitely have a look. (And think about this: Max Records said at Comic-Con that the big jet of fire seen in that one shot was Jonze's way of scaring him and getting some real reactions in scenes. Which is fairly awesome.)

In related news, the loooong New York Times piece on the film (you know, the one that quotes Peter and David) confirms that Jonze has made a short documentary about Wild Things author Maurice Sendak. We don't know much more yet, but it will air on HBO, where we'll likely see it sometime in October to coincide with the film's release. It's probably safe to consider this featurette a trailer for that documentary. Read that NYT feature, too, as it is fascinating. If nothing else, just think about spending most of a decade trying to get one project off the ground and then finishing it. Even if you're not interested in the film, you've got to admire Jonze's persistence.

[via Empire]