Mark Millar Promises More Punkified Kids Tunes For The Kick-Ass Soundtrack

One of the many things I loved about the footage we saw from Matthew Vaughn's big screen adaptation of Kick-Ass at Comic-Con was the music they used during the Hit Girl sequence. For those who don't know, Hit Girl is an costumed, sword-wielding young 11-year-old girl who has been trained to be a super assassin by her crime-fighting father, nicknamed Big Daddy. In the film she is played by Chloë Moretz, and the sequence that screened involved Hit Girl destroying a dozen baddies with sharp objects. There was blood flying, and the music... thats one of the things I loved about the sequence. They used a punk version of the theme song from the television show Banana Splits.

Comic Book Resources had a chance to talk to comic book creator Mark Millar, and one of the many things they discussed was the music in the Comic-Con footage. As expected, Warner Bros isnt likely to license the Superman: The Movie theme music, but Millar does say that the plan is to use punkified versions of other children's theme songs for any sequence where Hit Girl is 'doing her thing.

Here is a quote from Millar:

"We're hoping to get a other children's soundtrack stuff. You know when Darth Vadar appears in "Star Wars" you always hear the "Doom Doom Doo Doom...Doom Doom Doom"? That's his theme music, and we liked the idea of Hit Girl – whenever she's killing people, you get punked up versions of children's television shows. So it may be "The Hair Bear Bunch" or "Scooby Doo" or something when she's cutting people's throats. We wanted to get The Killers or somebody to maybe record a punked up version of that so then you've got a great Tarantino-style soundtrack."

How cool is that? I'd love to see Hit Girl slicing and dicing villains while a punk version of the Scooby Doo theme song is blaring through the multiplex surround. Millar also talks about the future of the Kick-Ass comic book series, where he speculates that "inside a couple of volumes, you're maybe going to end up with 15 superheroes out there with superhero teams starting to form."

"I wanted it to feel organic and maybe like the early Marvel Universe that just starts off with a couple of guys and then gets bigger and bigger. So by the time you get to volume 3, you've got a couple of villain scenes, a couple of hero scenes. That kind of stuff... [I] want to do Kick-Ass 2 because, my God, the movie's coming out and I'd be stupid not to capitalize on it. Also, it was always planned at three books, so I'm dying to get into the next one."

Lionsgate has won the rights to distribute Kick-Ass. No release date has been set. Issue #7 of the comic book series hits stores next month.

via: io9